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Wealth Management

This is the most comprehensive service.  We provide a very hands-on and proactive approach to financial planning and money management.  Wealth Management includes:

Comprehensive Plan

We begin the process by doing lots of listening.  Every client comes from a different background and has goals that are unique to them.  We will continually stress that more is learned and gained by going through the planning process than reading the plan document.  Depending on your financial personality, this planning process may be highly structured and analytical or it may just be just a merging of ideas with investments to create a strategy.

Investment Planning

This is where we bring together your financial information, your goals, and risk tolerance together to establish the proper asset allocation.

Continuous Portfolio Supervision

Things change in life. It may be changes in your personal life, your goals and time frame or dramatic shifts in the market. By maintaining a relatively small practice, we are able to monitor your individualized portfolio on a regular basis.

Client Meetings

Throughout the year we meet with you to review your portfolio's investment performance and stay updated with your financial situation. It is not ok to be uninformed about your money.

Minimum Account Size

Minimum household account is $400,000.


Fees for continuous investment management are based on a percentage of your assets ranging from .4% to 1.0% annually. Please see the Fee Schedule for specifics.