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Members of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) consistently dominate the lists of the nation's leading financial planners. Whether it's Worth's list of the 250 best financial advisors, Medical Economics' list of 150 best financial advisors for doctors or Mutual Fund Magazine's list of 100 great financial planners, the percentage of NAPFA members on these three lists is as much as 30 times the representation of other organizations.

We don't beat the bushes for planners to join NAPFA.  Only those that make the grade, who meet our highest standards are accepted. And there are good reasons why our members are being recognized.

NAPFA serves the consumer.  It consists solely of financial advisors who are highly competent and have meet more than a de minimus certification standard, offer comprehensive service, and operate on an objective fee-only basis. That means we don't sell financial products on commission. We're unbiased, without the potential for conflicts of interest.  And that means our only purpose is to look out for our clients' overall financial well-being.

We're not tipsters. We're not insurance agents. We're not stockbrokers. And we're not untrained people who hang out a financial planner shingle.

We insist on the highest competency standards:

  • Our members must meet stiff credentialing and educational requirements.
  • They must be primarily engaged as comprehensive financial advisors (rather than merely investment or tax advisors).
  • They must meet the most rigorous continuing education requirements.
  • They must submit to outside professional review, to ensure that they don't have the conflicts of interest that commissions bring.
  • They must submit a financial plan for review by peers, before they can be admitted.

It's no wonder that more than half of those who inquire about joining NAPFA are denied admission when they initially apply.

It's all about putting you, the customer, first. We serve as financial fiduciaries for those who use our service. We design a comprehensive approach that take's into account all of a client's financial considerations - from investing to estate planning. The goal is always to grow and preserve your money.

There's one way to guarantee you've found a financial planner who will put your interests first. Contact the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors - NAPFA - at 1-800-366-2732 or visit our website at


We are known by the standards we keepTM.